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The Untouched Subject Of “Part-Time Job”: Rajesh Jain

New Delhi, May 29th.

According to a well-known handicraft exporter and film producer, Rajesh Jain, the future trends belong to short films as people, who are caught up in their busy lives, are opting to watch movies on mobile and OTT platforms rather than going to cinemas. The handicraft businessman based in Delhi, Rajesh Jain is set to release his latest production, a short film named “Part-Time Job.” Prior to this project, Rajesh Jain successfully produced 'Blue Mountains', featuring Gracey Singh and Ranveer Shourie in the lead roles. In addition to these, his television series 'Anugamini', achieved great popularity on Doordarshan.

When asked what inspired him to create the film 'Part-Time Job', Rajesh Jain explains, “Piyush Pandey, an old friend of mine and the associate director of the film 'Blue Mountains,' narrated this story to me.  The story revolves around a child whose parents work part-time jobs for additional income, and the neglected child discovers a world that is beyond our imagination. The film had a shocking ending, which I can't reveal for now, but I can confidently state that it was an original story, a subject untouched by cinema before. It was at that moment that I agreed to produce the film."

Shreya Narayan and Hemant Mahaur play the lead role in “Part-Time Job.” Was their selection done with any specific thought in mind? Rajesh Jain responds, "The director himself took charge of selecting the entire team, including the actors. And the best part is that everyone is highly skilled and professional. Shreya Narayan has previously appeared in notable films like Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster, Yaara, Suparnani, and Rockstar, while Hemant Mahaur, a student of NSD, has been seen in various films such as Phantom and Highway. Master Pravar brilliantly portrays the role of the child, displaying exceptional acting abilities. Boishali Sinha, renowned for her art direction in films like Gabbar is Back and Rowdy Rathore serves as the art director for this film."

Rajesh Jain, a handicraft businessman, found himself drawn to the world of films. When asked about his transition, Rajesh Jain explains, "Upon completing my CA from Kolkata, I ventured into business in Delhi. Initially, I worked with marble, but an unexpected opportunity arose when I received an order for exporting handicrafts. This started my journey in the export industry. I always had an interest in the film industry but never knew how to get involved. By chance, during the production of the acclaimed movie 'I Am,' director Onir was in search of producers. Finding out about this, I stepped in as a co-producer. Following that, I went on to produce the film 'Blue Mountains' and contributed to the production of several television serials for Doordarshan as well. Now “Part-Time Job” is about to be released, and I am simultaneously working on the production of another short film.

Rajesh Jain’s film “Blue Mountains” revolves around a child who goes through some mental transformation post facing defeat after swiftly progressing to the finals of a reality show. His latest production, “Part-Time Job,” is also a story centered around a child who feels neglected by his parents. Is there a specific purpose behind making films about children? Rajesh Jain replies, "Yes, there is a reason for it. When I invested in “I Am,” the film was remarkably daring. After my father watched it, he suggested that I should focus on making films about children. Taking his advice, I produced “Blue Mountains.” The reason I chose “Part-Time Job” includes this reason as well. However, the story of “Part-Time Job” will strike a chord with every middle-class family, but it will astonish them to such an extent that they will find it hard to believe that such things are possible."

“Part-Time Job” is set to be released on short film platforms during the initial week of June, following which it will be made available on various prominent OTT platforms.

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