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Tejas actor Vinod Tharani: My journey is special, but it has yet to reach its full potential

Actor, writer, director, composer and producer Vinod Tharani is out with his latest project Machis Ki Dibiya. He has written, directed, acted and produced the 20 minute-film.

Talking about the same, he says, “The journey itself is very special, as I have been involved in diverse roles. I've worked as an actor, acting coach, playwright, writer, director, producer, and composer. So far, my journey is special, but it has yet to reach its full potential. 'Machis ki Dibiya' is special because it marks my first project as a writer, director, producer, actor, and composer, and it has gained recognition everywhere. This success has given me the confidence to share more stories with conviction. The length of the film is 20 minutes. The cast includes Ekta Kaul, Vinod Tharani, Ankit Narang, and Pallavi Rao.”

The short film got recognition at many film festivals such as Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival, Goa International Short Film Festival, Pune International Short Film Festival, Jaipur International Short Film Festival and Standalone Film Festival (USA).

The title couldn’t have been more apt, says Vinod, adding, “The title, 'Machis ki Dibiya,' is derived from the story itself, serving as a symbol of pure love and promise. While a matchbox can burn a house, our 'matchbox' serves to mend broken relationships. You can watch it on JioCinema.”

Intelligent content is the need of the hour, he says. “Audiences are becoming more sophisticated, and as creators, it is our responsibility to evolve our content. We must craft relevant and engaging subjects with original concepts, avoiding stereotypes in content, characters, and narrative. Our commitment should be to our craft, exploring a wide variety of content, especially in this era of OTT platforms, where we aren't constrained by the demands of producers or popular stars,” he says.

He adds, “Above all, there are countless untold stories waiting to be shared. If one receives the opportunity and support from film festivals or OTT platforms, many more storytellers will emerge to join the ranks, with the belief that their stories and cinema will reach the audience.”

Talking about his future plans, he says, “Looking ahead, my future plans include gracing the Filmfare Awards red carpet and the pink carpet for OTT platforms with my stories as an actor, writer, and director. As an actor, my film 'Tejas,' produced by RSVP Productions and starring Kangana Ranaut, released on the 27th of October. I'm also working on a web series with a stellar cast, which is currently in production, and a film that I'll be directing soon.”

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