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Summer tips and tricks by celebrity hair stylist Sameer Salmani

During the hot summer months, even once lustrous hair can become dry and brittle. Hear it out from the expert Sameer Salmani how to take care of your hair during the scorching heat. 

Is Summer good for you hair? And how to take care of your hair during the season ?

Summer indeed does a lot of damage to the tips of your hair, resulting in split ends and dry tips. To minimize further damage, make sure you trim your hair at regular intervals to maintain a fresh cut and reduce split ends. Split ends not only make your hair look all frizzy but also cause hair breakage and dryness, do hair spa to nurrish your hair get some protein treatment done in the salon.

Should we oil our hair in summer?

Yes, applying a good argan oil can save your tresses from damage caused by the sun in summer. Note don’t take bath with oil means you should apply very minimal amount of oil. 

Why does hair quality deteriorate during the summer?

Summer causes hair loss due to damage caused by heat, chlorine salt water, and sun exposure; hair can be brittle, dry, and prone to damage after summer. Hair Follicles that survive all year are no longer needed as a shield against the sun, so they just fall out. 

Is short hair better during the summer time ?

Less hair keeps the head cool. People can lose up to 50 percent of their body heat from the top of their head. This is why it's important for everyone to wear hats and earmuffs during the winter months. But when we don't want to get overheated, having less hair can make it easier for that heat to escape the head.

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