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"Star Bharat Responds to Viewer Requests, Re-Airing 'Radha Krishn' and 'Devo Ke Dev...Mahadev'"

Star Bharat, one of the most popular television channels in India, has recently announced its plan to revert to its previous programming style of airing shows five days a week. Furthermore, the channel is also launching a new initiative that involves the re-airing of its iconic mythological programs, such as ‘Radha Krishn’ and ‘Devo Ke Dev…. Mahadev’, on Saturdays starting from March 25, 2023.

After an outpouring of demand from viewers starting on March 25, the shows will be shown every Saturday, with ‘Radha Krishn’ airing from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM and ‘Devo Ke Dev...Mahadev’ airing from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM. The channel believes that this move will allow viewers to engage with their favorite shows in a more consistent manner.

Star Bharat's decision to bring back its iconic mythological shows stems from the fact that they were immensely popular when they first aired. The channel hopes that by re-airing these shows, a new generation of viewers will have the opportunity to experience them. Sumedh Mudgalkar who rose to fame with the show Radha Krishn speaks expresses his thoughts about the channel’s decision to re-run the iconic shows. 

He says, “For me doing ‘Radha Krishn’ has been a life changing moment, the show has changed my life completely as it has given me a recognition and the fans have shown so much of love on the show and me. I already have a gratitude towards the viewers for showing me so much love and now that Star Bharat is re-running the show I’m glad they have decided this. And because the fans must have demanded it and I’m sure that the fans will show the same love as they showered on the show before”.

The channel is enthusiastic about its new programming lineup and encourages viewers to tune in and relive the enchanting magic of its iconic mythological shows once again. As always, Star Bharat is dedicated to providing quality entertainment to its audience and believes that this move will help viewers reconnect with their favorite shows. 

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