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Ranndeep R Rai: I know people who put on makeup just to make reels!

While actor Ranndeep R Rai is not one to put on makeup even for his shoots, he says that there are some people who deck themselves up even for an appearance on social media. The actor believes that one must be as natural as possible with how one looks.

“It is way too exhausting doing makeup all the time. Every time I meet anyone, I always tell them to be happy with their natural beauty because nothing is as beautiful as that. I never put on makeup even when I am on shoot. I do know people who put on makeup also when they are just making reels,” he says.

However, for some people, how they look is very important, he says. “I do agree that looks and weight affect people’s confidence. But if you ask me, I never get conscious of my flaws. I accept them publicly. Everyone is unique on their own. Everyone should be happy with what God has given.”

With so many shows and movies on body shaming, it has reduced, says the actor. “I have also done a film on body shaming. I believe that you should be happy with the skin, hair, body you have because when God made you, he must have kept things in his mind, I believe. And I think this will vanish in some times and people will start accepting all their flaws and I hope that everyone does that,” he says.

He adds, “People have now moved on and looks and weight have become secondary. Though being fit is very important, you can be fit in the way God has made you. You can be mentally, physically fit, no matter how you look. And I guess it is natural that sometimes beauty attracts us but it's temporary and for a short term because if we go to mountains or beaches, we go once to enjoy that beauty. But if we are told that you have to stay, then maybe we will not be able to and run away after 15 days. Beauty is similar, it's very temporary.”

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