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"People were maybe scared to go to the theatres", Arjun Rampal on Dhaakad's failure

Arjun Rampal is aware that, while making movies is undoubtedly an artistic endeavour, it is ultimately a commercial endeavour as well. Even when an actor gives a terrific performance, the talk about the box office results usually overshadows that. Naturally, if a movie doesn't work, that sums up the discussion.

Big-budget movie Dhaakad, in which Kangana Ranaut also starred, was Rampal's last theatrical release. And it failed to live up to the expectations. He recently said, “It was an expensive film, so yes it does hurt when it doesn’t do well. I don’t think it deserved to do the kind of numbers that it did. People were sceptical at that point of time. Dhaakad was one of the first few films to come out post pandemic. People were maybe scared to go to the theatres.”

However, he mentions in the same breath, a film which it clashed with. “We can’t even say that, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 did really well. Maybe we released with the wrong film. Every film has it’s destiny, and you just have to accept it and move on. The reality is the reality. But the film is there, I am proud of it, it is not a film I won’t be proud of. As long as you take that much away from a film, you are in a good space,” adds the 50-year-old, set to be seen next in the film Crack.


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