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Mrunal Thakur breaks down, says she was ‘extremely low’

Mrunal Thakur recently showcased her 'vulnerable' side on social media. The actress, who is always happy and chirpy, was seen in tears in her Instagram story. 

Along with her old photo, Mrunal wrote on Instagram Stories, “Yesterday was tough. But today I'm stronger, wiser and happy! Everybody has pages in their stories they don't read out loud but I'm choosing to read mine out loud – because maybe someone out needs to learn the lesson I learnt.”“Taking one day at a time! It's ok to be naive and vulnerable,” she further added. 

Soon after Mrunal also added a video and explained the photo. She said on Instagram Stories on Tuesday, “And that picture was taken at the time, when I felt extremely low and couldn't make it, but today I'm happy. And, I made it, woohoo!” She ended the video with a loud cheer and laugh.

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