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Megha Ray opens up on being part of Herumb Khot and Nilanjana Purkayasstha's Sapnon Ki Chhalaang

Actress Megha Ray, who plays the role of Radhika Yadav in Herumb Khot and  Nilanjana Purkayasstha's (Invictus T Mediaworks) Sapnon Ki Chhalaang, says that the show has such a great message to share with the viewers. In fact, she adds that her character is also very relatable.

“When a person decides to give their dreams a shot, take that leap of faith from their comfort space towards their true goals in life, no matter what hurdles come their way, I think that's what Sapnon Ki Chhalaang is. Radhika Yadav, a simple but intelligent girl comes from a humble joint family in Jhansi. She is an achiever, a university topper and has bagged a job in her dream company in Mumbai. She knows her family won't be happy about her switching cities but she's not the one to rebel. She'll make sure she can convince them to get on board with her because she really loves them and, at the end of the day, she wants to free her family from all the financial burden. She's ambitious about making her mark and being extraordinary at her dream company in the city of dreams – Mumbai,” she says.

She adds, “I relate a lot to my character. We both are engineers, passionate about our dreams, willing to take risks after having thought through all the possible pros and cons, doing everything for the family that we love so much.”

Talking about working with the makers, Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot (Invictus T Mediaworks) she says, “ It's an entirely new experience! I have immense respect for them for having taken that step to be different from the rest and to create a show that is so unique, layered and full of life-like experiences. From giving so much attention to detail right from the story making process, to building such artsy sets, shooting at real-locations and bringing the best out of all the characters in the show, I believe they are truly going to rule!”

Meanwhile, ask her how she keeps herself motivated, and she says, “I am doing what I love doing so motivation doesn't go away that easily although there are times when I just don't feel like stepping out at all. Instead of forcing myself to feel motivated, I just take the next small step, say get out of the bed, then do some stretches and then one thing after the other and almost always I do get through.”

She adds, “So far life itself has been my best teacher. While there are many people I admire and look up to, I want my life to be unique. I want to figure out what's best for me and there's no one person who's footsteps I'd follow. My mother, always. She's a smart woman, very observant, updated and attentive. She genuinely appreciates or criticises my work with the most unfiltered feedback.”

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