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Krishna Shroff & Ayesha Shroff open up on their Fitness Initiative, MMA and so much more!

Mother-daughter duo Ayesha Shroff and Krishna Shroff have set some major fitness goals over the years. We recently got a chance to speak to them all the fitness tips they have to give! Keep reading. Tiger Shroff isn't the only fitness enthusiast in his family. The family runs one of the India’s biggest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) platform Matrix Fight Night in partnership with his mother Ayesha Shroff and younger sister Krishna Shroff — two other fitness entrepreneurs from the Shroff family. 

The trio’s gym in Mumbai is frequented by Bollywood stars like Disha Patani, Ayushmann Khurrana and Manushi Chillar. 

Ayesha Shroff opened up on her fitness Initiative she said, "We started this MMA venture four years ago! Tiger and Krishna are both very much involved in martial arts so we wanted to do something which involved martial arts and then we came up with this. It is a 360 degree fitness zone where we have MMA, strength training, and we also have a very strong team of trainers which are specialized in their respective areas. We provide the consumer a special programme based on their requirements".

Talking about Introducing MMA with special features in India Krishna said, " The main inspiration behind it was my brother because he discovered a different niche from himself in fitness. Because we believe in this industry where you need to leave your mark, he has carved a niche for himself with martial arts. So we believe that it will help everyone to discover a niche for themselves". 

Talking about how they manage to stay fit with such busy schedule, Krishna said, "Whenever people tell me they don't have time for it, i think that's just an excuse and for me that's the sign of weakness. You have 24 hours to yourself and removing 1 hour to dedicate it to yourself is not a big deal. And i beleive your health is your wealth so we should definitely take time out for it". 

Their tips for anyone who just started with their fitness journey is, Ayesha said, " It's very important to stay positive, because it will help you to give your best whenever you train. Adding to that Ayesha said, " And it's very important to not compare your journey with anyone, your journey has to be about you". 

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