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Katrina Kaif launches new range of vegan coloured matte kajals and brow products

Katrina Kaif took to Instagram yesterday to announce the launch of her makeup brand, Kay Beauty's game-changing 24-hour coloured matt kajals, microblading pen and brow tattoo liner.

Centred around its core mission of inclusion for all genders and skin-type, this new range of eye makeup will help consumers achieve who they are and create their unique #Eyedentitie. In keeping with its brand philosophy of #MakeupThatKares, products are infused with skincare benefits. The coloured matt kajals are enriched with chamomile and ceramides, they have skin-soothing and calming properties that reduce inflammation, improve the health of skin cells, lock in moisture, and prevent dryness and irritation of the eyes. The microblading brow pen is infused with vitamin E, which protects and restores moisture. And, the brow tattoo liner has vitamin B5 that promotes hair and skin health.  

“Eyes are the window to your soul, so why not dress them up in your own unique way? The new range will empower one to unleash their creativity and achieve a personal signature eye look that is a complete reflection of one’s
personality, thus defining their own #Eyedentitie. Our products are cruelty-free and vegan, and we are excited to continue to create innovative products that cater to the needs of the modern consumer," says co-founder of Kay Beauty, Katrina Kaif. 


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