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Kangana takes an indirect jibe at Nehru-Gandhi, hails Sardar Patel as Unsung Hero

At the trailer launch of "Razakar: The Silent Genocide of Hyderabad," Kangana Ranaut made a grand entrance, deeming it a goodwill gesture to promote a film unraveling an unspoken and dark chapter of Indian history. She shed light on the challenges faced during the integration of states, emphasizing the complexities of Kashmir and Hyderabad.

Moving to the iconic Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel, Kangana hailed him as the "Shiv of Indian politics," underscoring his pivotal role in uniting states and confronting the Razakars during Hyderabad's integration. Kangana pointed out the disconnect in recognizing Patel's contributions, stating, "People see the Statue of Unity and wonder what he did. We think that marketing is a modern concept, but even in the past, those who knew these tricks are well-known, while tireless nation-builders are forgotten."Kangana criticized the historical narrative dominated by Nehru and Gandhi, highlighting their disproportionate glorification in history books. She indirectly critiqued this selective portrayal, emphasizing the neglect of other pivotal figures crucial to the nation's unity and the freedom struggle.

In today's society, where movies are often labeled as propaganda, actor Raj Arjun addressed the media, urging caution before passing judgment on "Razakar." He stated, "Before you share your thoughts and categorize the film as propaganda, I implore you to watch the movie first. After viewing it, if you don't resonate with it, feel free to express your opinions. However, I ask you to watch it first; it tackles a sensitive and intense topic that demands thoughtful portrayal."

Kangana then shifted the focus to the upcoming film "Razakar," praising its portrayal of historical struggles. Set to release on 1st March 2024, the movie delves into the intricate complexities and bloodshed of Hyderabad's tumultuous past. Starring Makrand Deshpande, Raj Arjun, Bobby Simha, Tej Sapru, and directed by Yata Satyanarayana, "Razakar" promises a compelling journey, exploring untold stories of suffering and resilience.

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