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"If a man is ever intimidated by that...": Zeenat Aman has opinions about independent women 

One of the most refined and lovely actresses who have graced Bollywood is Zeenat Aman. Fans and journalists alike have praised her charismatic charm. She has made an enduring impression throughout her long and distinguished career thanks to famous roles in films like Don, Dharam Veer, Qurbani, and Satyam Shivam Sundaram, among others. Zeenat Aman has persevered as a symbol of female strength throughout a path marked by highs and lows, establishing a wonderful example for other women at a time when it wasn't as prevalent. The seasoned actress recently discussed the significance of women gaining financial independence in an interview.

Zeenat Aman recently stressed the importance of women being financially independent in an interview with Kusha Kapila on the programme Swipe Ride. She thinks it's a true standard since it offers women so much freedom to be 'your own person.' She goes on to say that women have access to financial resources and possibilities; they can overcome challenges, follow their passions, and make choices that are in line with their aspirations. "If a man is ever intimidated by that, show him the door. One thing I would advise young women to try to do is get financially independent and invest in themselves. You know, dating and relationships then become a natural choice, not you’re getting into a relationship because you think you have to, and then you do it on your own terms and conditions," she asserted.

She also commented on her belief that males are socialised to think that women should adhere to a particular set of norms on the same event. She thinks that parenting is everything. She gave her own example, revealing that she had been the family's "breadwinner" since she was just 17 years old. She said, "I’ve put my shoulder into the wheel and done what was necessary, and my sons have grown up seeing that, and every relationship that they’ve had has been with women who are strong and independent and who’re capable of having an opinion and making choices, and they treat that as the norm because they’ve been raised by a mother who is just that. So, I think it’s very important for parents to raise their sons in a way that women are respected and women are given autonomy. It’s how you raise your children that make all the difference".

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