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“I don’t relax I keep on working hard…”, interview of Tovino Thomas talks about his journey of being an engineer to a Pan India Star

The one who is a hero in Real and Reel life, humble, down-to-earth, amazing journey from being an engineer to Pan India Star. That is none other than Tovino Thomas.

Ashish Tiwari recently interviewed Tovino Thomas and asked him about his experience in his upcoming movie, being so humble, and other things.

Q. Your tagline in the upcoming movie 2018 is ‘Everyone is a hero’, but in Real life, you rescued everyone in Kerala so, in short, you are showing your real character in the movie to your audience. How was the whole experience there?

I’m not someone who has done a lot for our state. There are people who went on and rescued operations and relief activities 10th times or 100 times or 1000 times more. As I’m an actor people came to know that, that’s it. I don’t want to claim the credit for that. While I was doing whatever is possible within my limits almost 90% of the people in Kerala were doing the same thing. But yes, in my hometown I tried and did my best so did the youngest in my hometown. It was a group of people who stood together and did whatever was possible within their limits.

Q. Did you expect this type of reaction when were making the film did you think that the audience will like it so much, you're not getting a positive response only from the audience but also from the industry everywhere?

So I expected at least 50% of this response but this is way beyond our expectations people maybe because people could relate so much because what we have shown in this movie is pure basic human emotions and people from Kerala or people from all over the world, who has been affected by the floods or who has been people who was affected by the floods or who knows the stories of people who was affected by the floods, who has seen the visuals of people affected by the floods, all those people can relate to it even move but even if you don’t have any experience about the floods when you watch the movie it’s basic human emotions you’ll get a hook to it.

Q. You come from a very humble background. You did engineering and did a job as well, you started as a character actor, then as the antagonist, then as a superhero, and how a superstar, a global, a Pan India Star. How do you see the whole journey and what would like to say to your fans?

I’m from a normal, small town and my family is very fond of movies, nobody worked in movies but everyone loved watching movies and I grew up in that background and I wanted to be part of movies and that was my dream and I tried, I worked hard for it even now I don’t relax I keep on working hard because this is something that I love with my whole heart and maybe like what we have read in Alchemist when you desire something with your full heart the universe conspires for you and right now I’m living my dream so anyone who has any dream just knows that if Tovino Thomas from a very small town from a middle-class family can live his dream anyone can.

Q. It is remarkable how far the Kannada film industry has come thanks to Kanthara, KGF, and RRR in Telugu. Now as we see 2018 has been receiving a superb response and your next film ARM is expected to have a huge effect as well. What are your thoughts on this?

I don’t know about that but we have put in our maximum 100% effort to make that movie the best in our, all of our filmography, and far as I know the film has come out really well and the post-production is going on if we are able to release it in a very good way if we are able to promote it and release it and if we can make sure that it reaches to every nook encounter of India or every nook encounter of the world then I think the movie is going to do really well.

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