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I am a combination of extrovert and an introvert: Bhumika Chawla

Actress Bhumika Chawla says that while she loves connecting with people, she also likes to keep to herself at times. 

“In my thoughts and experience, I am a combination of extrovert and an introvert — I can talk to people and connect well. Although, I feel at times I can be quiet and in my space. I can connect to people easily,” she says.

Ask her what happiness means to her, and she says, “Happiness, for me, has to be real - life that is made of real conversations, of spending quality time with close friends, walks in nature and woods, praying, feeling real gratitude, reading good books, being able to be in the moment and hearing the sounds of nature.” 

She adds, “Happiness is a very subjective thing - it comes to people in different forms. There is, these days, unfortunately short-term happiness people find in daily lives. The happiness they derive from the virtual world, where it’s dependent on the likes and comments. The things that give instant gratification like social media, or expensive cars, or splurging on gadgets yet no life, or retail therapy, binge drinking and eating are all short lived; they are gone sooner than they come.”

The actress says that reacting to situations is normal. “We all have mood swings - well most of us do. There are a rare few who have become the owners of their own selves and mastered their beings (have become SOORMAS — conquered their own selves) are blessed. I do feel when at times I do react — I am the one to correct myself and self-analyse and say I could have responded. We all can become better, it’s a conscious choice we have to make,” she says. 


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