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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! "Abhishek's PR...": Bebika Dhruve shocking revelation on being portrayed negatively

The popular Bigg Boss OTT season 2 has seen a number of strong contestants. There were well-known YouTubers Elvish Yadav and Abhishek Malhan, as well as Manisha Rani, a star on social media, and Pooja Bhatt, a well-known actress from Bollywood. One candidate, however, was able to make a significant influence on the show despite without an established fanbase and connections. Bebika Dhurve, a stunning and independent diva, is who it is. She acquired a lot of fame from the show, despite not winning. In an exclusive interview with First India, Dhurve made a shocking revelation about being portrayed negatively by her few fellow contestants from Bigg Boss OTT 2.  

Bebika Dhurve on being portrayed negatively by Abhsihek's PR

In an exclusive interview with First India, Bigg Boss OTT 2 3rd runner-up Bebika Dhurve gave an answer on being portrayed negatively by Abhishek Malhan's PR and his fans, she said, "I receive the most hate from Abhishek Malhan's PR, the spreading so much hate about me, coming and giving negative comments on my profile."

She further added, "I was always a simple target because I never had a fan base like Abhishek and Elvish, who could support and speak for me, like them. so they always targeted me and portrayed me negatively. Abhishek would never target Elvish because he has a massive fan base and he can speak for himself like no one. He is not manipulative, he's direct, straight, and clear in his heart and head. And yes you know that there are sets of negative PR around you because when you see those comment sections, their profiles through which I receive negative comments either they don't have profile photos, or have 0 followers, 0 following you know just a freshly made account just spread hate against me."

Recently Bebika visited Lal Baugcha Raja for darshan with her mom, and that video went viral. Abhishek's fan trolled her on that video too. She said, In that video, I was trolled a lot by his PR team. You guys call Fan Meet Up by paying them something around 100-200. But I didn't even enter the temple yet, the people around me especially moms with their kids asked for selfies and talked to me. Their reaction was organic rather than fake fan meet-ups."

For the unversed, Bebika has received a movie offer too for which she'll start shooting soon. To which she said, "I have a movie offer, working hard and gaining this different fan base from you guys, I would like to request his fans (Abhishek's) please go and unfollow me I really don't care. I want to create a separate fan base for myself, away from you guys."

Aside from this, she is leaving for Dubai in 2 days and has exciting projects coming with Jad Hadid.

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More about Bebika Dhurve

Bebika Dhurve is an actress, dentist and astrologer. She is known for her important role in the popular drama Bhagya Lakshmi. She is also expected to participate in Bigg Boss season 17.

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