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"Everyone has experienced heart break and us too...", Gautam SIngh Vig and Riva Kishan

Gautam Singh Vig and Riva Kishan got paired up for the new music video ‘Bewafa Se Pyaar Kiya’.

They recently got interviewed by our Reporter Rajni Dubey and talk about heart break, Bigg Boss OTT 2, and many more.

Their experience in working together was thrilling. Gautam said, “when I first heard the song it was really nice, I really got the vibe. The team was really nice. When I heard the song, I knew it was really gonna work, the experience was good. And yes, a lot of people have shown a positive response, good comments, showed so much love.” “- I was happy working with T-series as it was my first time. I always wanted to do a music video but never got a chance.”, said Riva

Well, this song is about heart break, the first think that comes to our mind is have they ever faced heart break, let’s see what they have to say. “haa bhot baar, nahi nahi bhot baar nhi, but yes I’ve been through it and I think 90% of people have been through heart break, and yeah tabhi hi muje yeh gaane milte h and I can relate to it a lot. But Riva on the other hand says she is blessed that she hasn’t faced any heartbreak in love till now.”, said Gautam. But Riva on the other hand says she is blessed that she hasn’t faced any heartbreak in love till now.

Gautam appreciated the staff and production team for giving them such an amazing experience of working with T-series. “It was my first time working with T-series and I clicked with Jubin and what else you ask for, so the start was good. The co-star like Riva Kishan 'Sone Pe Suhaaga' ”, he was happy that the shooting happened in Chandigarh because it was cut to cut situation for him to go to Mumbai for shoot. The production team was nice and accommodating.

Riva on the other hand, had a great experience of working with Gautam says, “It was amazing, I was comfortable, he a very focused and hard-working person as a performer. He has done an amazing job. It got easier for me to work with him, with the confidence he has, the kind of focus he holds for his performance and his art. It’s really beautiful, it really nice. “

Gautam was asked if he still talks to Soundarya after Bigg Boss 16 he said, “Haven’t met her because she is in Mumbai and I’m in Chandigarh. After coming out, when she was inside, we spoke over phone like twice. Now she is busy with her work and I’m with mine so it’s kind of long distance. But whenever we’ll meet, we will talk nicely and have fun.”

Well Gautam’s fans are excited to know when is he getting married, he responded saying, “I’ve goals to achieve and uss time hua toh thik, jaise mein ne kaha h muje pyaar karne wali nhi mohobaat karne wali chahiye”.

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