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Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai producer Binaiferr Kohli: I live to work!

Producer Binaiferr Kohli says that despite competition and hurdles at work, she makes sure to enjoy what she does. The producer, who is known for her cult show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, says that she makes sure to live every moment to the fullest while she is at work, and at home.

“The competition in every field is cut throat but I manage to give my time and energy in all different areas of life. I compartmentalize it, I overlap them and multitask and I live to work. I love to have friends for dinner and I love to have a lot of different dishes on the table. I am a multi-tasker,” she says.

Talking about how she maintains this balance, she says, “Whatever I have to do. I supervise and delegate. The three tips that I have is enjoy your work, enjoy your work and enjoy your work and everything will fall into place! Whether it is setting up the dinner, writing a story, producing something. I enjoy everything. I love meeting new people and I learn from the experiences.”

Being happy at work is so important, she says, “I don’t think anybody in the set would say that I am vibrant, positive and cheerful all the time but, yes, I am a good team player. For me, everyone is a part of the team and everyone is important. We all must be happy and enjoy ourselves. I am making something that is nice and with positive vibes. Everyone enjoys their work and gives their best. They enjoy the biryani on the set or something that Asif Bhai or Shubhangi gets. Everyone enjoys someone shayris. I am very serious & firm at work,” she adds cause work is a serious business that runs thousands of homes. My team is my strength and I need to lead then rightly.

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