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Balraj Syal: No one can fight with us for feeding stray animals now!

Feeding cats and dogs is a law now and even RWAs are expected to make sure the animals in their vicinity are well-fed. Actor-comedian Balraj Syal, who is an animal lover, welcomes this decision. 

“It's great news and I think this law will help a lot. All the animal lovers would really be happy hearing this. During Covid also, people have fed the animals. During the first lockdown, I got a phone call from somebody and she told me that the street dogs in our area were being fed by her grandmother but due to Covid, she wasn’t able to give them food. She asked me if I could give food to the street dogs once a day. I did that, for 15-20 days, I gave them food regularly. I kept biscuits and bread in my car and while returning home at night, I used to feed the dogs around. In our society, there are 6-7 dogs and cats too. We have given them names,” he says.
He adds, “Even now, my wife and I give them food regularly and we make sure that they eat. Earlier things were different and people could object when we were feeding the dogs. Since it's legal now, people can’t fight because we can fight them now. When I come down with food, I whistle to the dogs in a special manner and they all gather around. This law is a great initiative and thank you to the authorities who have done that.”

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