Thursday, June, 08,2023

Aman Dhaliwal reveals his attacker was a ‘psychopath but well-trained’

TV actor Aman Dhaliwal, who has been a part of shows like Porus and Ishq Ka Rang Safed, recently had a near-death experience in Los Angeles. The actor was stabbed by a stranger named Ronald Chand, and as a consequence, has sustained injuries on his hands, neck and chest. For the first time, Dhaliwal talks about the incident, revealing that he could possibly be a victim of a Punjabi hate crime, and how the attacker yelled ‘Jai Mata Di’ after excoriating him.

The incident took place on March 14’s morning when Dhaliwal was in his car and he saw the man with weapons. “He was weird. I noticed him and decided not to park close to him. I started doing my preparation for my workout in the car. Soon, he broke the rear left side’s window. As soon as I came out of the car without my shoes, he hit me with the axe. I asked him why are you attacking me. Before I could understand anything, he said something in Hindi: Jai Mata Di. I don’t want to make it Hindu versus any kind of it.” Dhaliwal recalls.

Aman added that even as he safeguarded himself, his intention was not to hurt the attacker: “My intention was to just stop him from doing this nonsense. Even if he is a psychopath, he is an Indian. If he goes to injure anyone else, the message that will go out is: ‘An Indian guy did the massacre and killed many people here.’ It would be a negative message for the Indians staying here in the US.”

“I took him down and he kept stabbing me on my major organs. He was using me for their political agendas – the hate crime between Punjabi versus Hindus here. I’m not part of that game. He was a psychopath but at the same time he was well trained,” the actor concluded.

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