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Aditya Pancholi, Pooja Bedi's ex-boyfriend, is accused of raping her young maid

Pooja Bedi and Aditya Pancholi formerly had a committed relationship. The couple's extramarital relationship made news in the late 1990s, but following their split, Pooja confessed that Aditya had sexually assaulted her young maid, things got nasty. The actress said Aditya physically harassed her housekeeper under the guise of paying for her acting lesson in an old interview with a magazine. Aditya was said to be the "most disgusting" person Pooja has ever met. 

Speaking to a prominent newspaper, the actress stated her outrage over Aditya raping her young maid and expressed her hope that the actor "dies a dog's death" and that "if she had a gun, she would have shot Aditya." Bedi also described an occasion in which she teased her housekeeper by inquiring about her partner after seeing some love bites on her neck. Pooja stated, “A few days ago, my maid has shown me some bruises on her neck, which I recognised as love bites. I teased her and asked her who her aashiq was but she said that she did not have any.” She added, “Then last night I was talking to her and again I asked her playfully what was her boyfriend's name. She hesitated a little and said that I knew him. So I started to name all the guys I knew she knew when suddenly looking at her downcast face I asked it was Aditya? At that she burst into tears and said, yes, it was him.” 

The actress went on to say that her then-14-year-old maid had informed her that the star had toyed with her head and given her false hope of becoming an actress. Additionally, the maid stated this when Pooja questioned her about why she let Aditya to touch him, ‘Ek baar jab hogaya fir kya farak padta hai. It seemed he used to come to my house when I was not at home. Sometimes he'd go straight to the maid. He kept telling her she was the only one, he ever loved.” 

Pooja Bedi, Aditya Pancholi's daughter, has also brought a claim against him. After he and the maid admitted that their relationship was consensual, the matter was dropped. 

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