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Actress Maninee De talks about her role Rajrani in Ravie & Sargun Mehta’s new show Dalchini

Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s new show Dalchini is coming on air soon on Dangal TV. One of the protagonists is being played by talented Maninee De. Speaking more about her role she says,”Rajrani is a very complex role. Her superpower is her special gourmet skill. She believes that you cook only when you weigh, measure and put the spices proportionately. You know you have to be very accurate with the amount of spice that you put and there's a proper technique to it. She is very particular about everything. She is a cleanliness freak and she has OCD. She knows that this is her identity and her calling card. She holds the reins of the house because she is such a fantastic cook. She has a lot of complexities. I personally believe there's nothing like being black or white. I believe each one of us responds or reacts to a situation and based on that our darker or our lighter side comes out. Which means the more evolved side comes out in the shadows. I am looking at it from a very psycho spiritual point of view. She has her own motivation and is very clear.” She also adds, "She has been ambitious all her life. Her son is her weakness as well as her strength. And the son too is very devoted to his mother. So now the whole play out happens between Rajrani and Dalchini. The son is the central focal point in the terms that his mother is the best cook in the world. They have a beautiful relationship.” She also shares,”The diversity of the role prompted me to take this up.”

Speaking about her distinct look in the show Maninee says, "I am carrying a look like this for the first time in my career. I am going with the mood board of my character and with the writer and director's vision. I also try to put in my suggestions whenever it’s needed. We are all trying to make Rajrani look different.” 

Maninee also shares some great anecdotes on the producer couple. She says, "Both Ravie & Sargun are thorough professionals and enterprising makers. They have done a lot of work on television and that’s the reason they know the industry inside out. I am looking forward to a great creative relationship with them. They are lovely human beings. I am also a huge admirer of their work. The energy that they bring is so pure and beautiful, it inspired me to take up this. I met Ravie at an award function where we both were receiving awards and he told me how much he has loved my work. He asked me if I am doing tv or not and I have not done television for the last 2.5 years. But I told him if he has something in his mind for me I would love to take it up. And here I am today working for his show in Chandigarh. It’s kind of a dream come true moment. I love each and every person in the cast-crew. It’s a treat to work with the director Amit Gupta. Dreamiyata Entertainment  gives me so much respect for my work, they make me feel at home.”

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