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Abdu Rozik goes outside Mannat to meet Shah Rukh

On Thursday, Abdu Rozik stood outside Shah Rukh Khan's residence Mannat for a chance to meet with his idol. The Tajikistan singer left the Bigg Boss house for the second time earlier this month. He had been a contestant on the popular reality show since October 2022.

A day after the release of Shah Rukh's latest film Pathaan, the former Bigg Boss 16 contestant Abdu stood through the sunroof of a car, hoping for a chance to meet the actor. He wore a placard around his neck that stated, “I still haven’t made it until I meet you. I love you Shah Rukh Khan. So happy to sit here with all of your fans and wait for my turn. Only one dream left. Pathaan.”

Shah Rukh fans seem delighted to find the singer amongst their ranks and can be seen cheering him on. In a paparazzo video shared online, Abdu keeps repeating "I love Shah Rukh Khan," and says he is his fan. The singer was dressed in a black jacket, T-shirt and pants for the special visit.

In Salman Khan's reality show, he was also seen expressing his wish of meeting Shah Rukh Khan several times. Now it seems like Abdu Rozik is all set to fulfill his wish of meeting SRK. 

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