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72 Hoorain First Look: A deep dive into the dark real world of 'suicide bombers'

Terrorism all across the globe is a major matter of concern. But given a thought, who are these terrorists? They do not belong to an alien land but dwell in blood and skin just like other humans. What sets them apart from the rest of the crowd is their mindset! A mindset that is twisted and doctored into normalising brutal killings of the innocent in the name of religion and jihad.

Brainwashed into believing the fictional concept of 72 Virgins, the terrorists fall into the trap of fantasising about a soothing life after death with their personal 72 Hoorain.

But what if the whole desperate concept of 72 Hoorain is fictional? What if, in the name of Jihad, rather than 72 virgins, you met a gruesome death? What if the soul is left wandering on the face of the earth in total distress?

The hard-hitting teaser gives you the ultimate reality check: suicide bombings are the product of intense brainwashing of ordinary people, pushing them on the path of terrorism in the name of faith and religion.

"The slow poisoning of the mind by perpetrators turns ordinary individuals into suicide bombers. Let us remember that even the bombers themselves, with families like ours, have fallen victim to the twisted beliefs and brainwashing of terrorist leaders. Trapped in a deadly illusion of 72 virgins, they embark on a path of destruction, ultimately meeting a gruesome fate. It is a tragic reminder of the power of manipulation and the urgent need to address the root causes of terrorism." - Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan, Two-time National Award-winning director.

Producer Gulab Singh Tanwar says, "It's not the job of a faint hearted to back up a project that is so emotionally heavy. 72 Hoorain was just the right way to showcase how in the name of religion, fictional stories were sold to innocent and ordinary people in order to convert them into brutal terrorists. It was high time the truth was told."

Co-producer Ashoke Pandit who has always been vocal about the occurrence of the wrong incidents in the society, stated that he has full faith in the movie and the impact it will create on the audience. "The movie will definitely make you ponder upon certain beliefs prevailing in the society and how they are a mere figment of imagination. It will make you think about the concepts and ideologies that are not even close to reality in any way, and how they are merely used to brainwash people to mould them into terrorists in the name of jihad. I would urge everybody to watch the movie with a rational mind," says Ashoke Pandit.

72 Hoorain stars Pavan Malhotra and Ameer Bashir in the lead and is all set for a theatrical release on July 7, 2023.

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