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India Israel Aluminium Air technology will be a game changer for Auto Industry: Experts at Auto Expo-2023

Greater Noida: India and Israel are working on Aluminium Air Technology which can be a game changer for the auto industry. A pilot project is going on in Israel on Tata Motors and Mahindra and Mahindra cars and if all goes well it will revolutionaries the Auto Industry and Oil Industry as well, industry experts told ANI while speaking on the sidelines of Auto Expo-2023 that kickstarted in Uttar Pradesh's Greater Noida on Friday. IOC Phinergy Limited (IOP) a 50:50 joint venture of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) with Phinergy Ltd. has showcased its first ever-full ecosystem for Aluminum-Air energy in India including R&D, manufacturing and associated services at Auto Expo 2023 at Greater Noida.
It has displayed India's first-ever vehicles powered by Aluminum-Air system at Auto Expo - The Motor Show which is being held in Greater Noida from January 13 to 18 2023.
Aluminum-air technology uses aluminium as an energy carrier for on-demand, zero-emission energy generation. Aluminum, as a metal, has had an existing production, transportation and recycling value chain for over a century. With the availability of indigenous aluminium in abundance supported by a well-established aluminium industry, Aluminum used as an energy carrier has the potential to disrupt the e-mobility landscape in India.
IOCL's Executive Director Sanjeev Gupta said that as an energy carrier, aluminium has a very high energy density of 8kWh/kg which translates into long-range for EVs. Moreover, Aluminium-Air Systems for EVs are grid independent and do not require charging. As we go the petrol pump fills the fuel in our cars which takes a few minutes, the idea is to reload the aluminium energy at the petrol pump in just a few minutes.
"They essentially use the energy stored in this lightweight, durable and safe metal and whenever energy reloads is required, it can be done in a few minutes," Gupta while speaking to ANI.

Gupta added that IOP has partnered with leading Tata Motors and Mahindra and Mahindra in India and a pilot project is going on in Israel by integrating its Aluminum-Air batteries in electric vehicles.
IOP has demonstrated above 500 km range in a continuous drive of Al-Air integrated EVs in India. IOP has also successfully shown the Al-Air technology for energy backup applications at the sites of a leading telecom tower company in India.
Phinergy and IOP have partnered with Hindalco in India, on R&D and pilot production of Aluminium plates for Aluminium-Air batteries, and recycling of Aluminium, after usage of these batteries without any loss.
Aluminium-Air Powered EVs enjoy no grid dependency, lower capital cost, and up to 5 times the range of EVs powered by traditional batteries and it's all made in India supporting an AatmaNirbhar Bharat.
Talking exclusively to ANI David Mayer, CEO, of Phinergy said, "what we hope to achieve is to introduce metal-air technology based on aluminium plates coming from the ground here in India. Produced by Hindalco, a circular economy, of it can be done here in India, and that would be the biggest difference we can do."
David said that this is made in India completely their manufacturing is made here in India. An aluminium plate of 600 grams produces 2.5 kilowatt hours of energy and will drive a vehicle 25 kilometres.

David said, "We're doing it with a three-wheeler, a four-wheeler, we'll do it with buses, and we are going to bring a change here to India together with our partners Indian Oil Corporation and the fuel coming from the ground of India alone."
"I am glad to announce that we have also started to replace diesel generators for backup when the grid fails. We are using backup like in your houses I would imagine you have maybe a lead acid and diesel generator, please. They are pollutive throw them away. By aluminium plates you will have a lot of energy" he stated.
David further stated, " we're working with the Israeli electrical company. We're working with several providers. We all have already 10 per cent of the infrastructure there and we are on a daily basis and already installing systems. Now it's a product certified in Israel, certified in Europe and it will be certified in India and the US."
Responding to a question about when can we see it happening in India David said, "We are now going to scale up things very fast. Now that everybody believes that this is true. Once when you look at metal, you think this is just metal. Now people look at this, they think of energy. So now things will scale up much faster." (ANI)

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