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Improvement in charging infra main solution for reducing range anxiety for EVs, says Tata Motors MD Shailesh Chandra

Greater Noida: The Managing Director of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd., and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd., Mr Shailesh Chandra provided nuanced solutions for decreasing range anxiety among buyers with respect to the upcoming Electronic Mobility Ecosystem.
In a conversation with ANI at the Auto Expo - The Motor Show 2023, Chandra said, "...I think the solution lies in the charging infra and ability to charge cars fast, and that also mainly on the highways".
"..Having seen that in the last 2 to 3 years, or last 1 year, there are 3000 chargers which have been put which was not the case 4-5 years back. And not only Tata Power started putting these public chargers but now, there are many regional players and start-ups which are coming in this space. So in 2-3 years I think the situation will be very different" he added.
On January 11, the executive director of Tata Motors, Mr. Girish Wagh, had announced at the Auto Expo 2023 that the company is reimagining its entire product portfolio and operations to achieve net zero greenhouse gas by 2045.
Chandra stated that the transition from traditional fuels to the ev ecosystem is 'inevitable', and that the world for the automobile company after achieving its net zero target would be 'fully electric'.
"...Globally also it is acknowledged that, given that the automotive industry has a significant contribution to the emissions, so it has to also move towards zero-emission technology very fast" he said, noting that in Europe and UK, the timeline to achieve the net zero target is defined aggressively by 2035.
Talking about the affordability of Tata's EV products, Chandra said, "If you see the median prices of the cars sold in the country, it is roughly 9-9.5 lakh. So that's the sweet spot where the demand of the PV industry is there".
"As far as mainstreaming of EV products is concerned, I think we have come some distance in terms of bringing a product which can do that" he added, referring to the Tata Tiago EV.
Highlighting the company's launches, Chandra noted that the products will cover the entire spectrum of price points and therefore, people with multiple affordability levels could buy a car.

Tata Motors showcased 14 different vehicles at the Auto Expo 2023, including 4 natural gas-powered models, 2 fuel agonistic, new generation architectures, 5 BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles), 2 Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and one Hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicle. (ANI)

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