Wednesday, December, 06,2023

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Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Saviour of Raj BJP!

With eye on the 2023 Assembly polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be blowing the ‘poll-conch’, formally, from his rally at Dadiya in Jaipur today. Prior to this visit, Modi has been coming to Rajasthan almost every month, however, this visit marks the most important time in Rajasthan’s political journey: a time when Rajasthan gets to choose, once again, who leads the State for the next five years.

And therefore, ‘charismatic’ Modi’s visit assumes special significance as the BJP leaders are looking up to him to usher in the ‘winds of change’ through his oration, a massive public appeal and the ‘X-factor’ that propels the people’s hearts towards the ‘global leader’!

While it is expected that Modi will make scathing attacks at Congress and the Gehlot government, it is also believed that the Prime Minister will also be vocal about the recently passed Women’s Reservation Bill; considering Rajasthan has almost equal number of female voters as men. This point may prove to be a ‘trump card’ in the electoral battle as women of the State already, to a large extent, identify easily with Modi’s leadership, governance model, commitment towards nation building and his aura. Furthermore, PM may also give the message that BJP is all for putting women on leadership roles and thus, even if for optics, the female leaders of the saffron party may be given more space on the stage on Monday.

All things said and done, one thing is certain...PM Modi’s visit to the political capital of Rajasthan and his address to a politically charged gathering is sure to have ripple effects till the borders of the State and it would set the ‘tune’ or the ‘narrative’ on which the upcoming Assembly election would be fought.

Hence, not just the BJP and the general public, but perhaps even the Opposition might be eagerly waiting to hear what the Prime Minister has in store for Rajasthan and its future politics!

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