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Now eyeing Lok Sabha elections 2024, says MP BJP chief VD Sharma

Bhopal: After getting a clear mandate in Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, state Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief VD Sharma has claimed that now they are eyeing the Lok Sabha elections scheduled to be held next year.
Sharma made the remark at press conference at the state BJP office in Bhopal on Monday after registering a massive victory by winning 163 seats out of 230 in the state assembly polls.
On the occasion, the BJP leader also extended gratitude to the public for providing a clear and huge mandate to the party.
"I thank the public for the blessings they have given to us for our victory in the state assembly polls. After the assembly polls, we have now targeted the Lok Sabha election which will be held next year. We have targeted to win all the 29 lok sabha constituencies of the state," the BJP chief said.
Meanwhile, Sharma also said that they would also hold a review meeting of the booths which they lost in the recent poll.
"There will be a review of the booths where we were defeated. There is a target to win every booth in the Lok Sabha elections and also to increase the votes by 10 percent in the booths which the party won with less votes (in recent assembly polls)," he added.
Besides, the BJP leader also took a jibe at former CM Kamal Nath's claim of victory and said that Nath was just creating psychological pressure to win.
Madhya Pradesh went to poll for 230 assembly seats in a single phase on November 17 and its result was declared on Sunday along with three other states. The BJP registered a comprehensive victory in the state by winning 163 seats while the Congress party came a distant second after winning 66 seats and Bharat Adivasi Party won one seat in the state.

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