Friday, March, 01,2024

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Jaipur: The exit poll of Rajasthan Assembly has further increased the suspense regarding the election results and the period of guesses and speculations continues. Everyone is now waiting for December 3, when the results of vote counting will come and it will be clear who the voters have finally chosen. Have the voters trusted Modi’s guarantees or voted for the work and schemes of the Gehlot government. Still the question remains that why the exit polling agencies could not catch the pulse of the voters?

They have played a safe game by leaving a margin of 15 to 20 seats for the parties. But it also seems to be an admission of these agencies not being able to get to the root of the election results. Along with the issues in elections, caste arithmetic also plays an important role in the election results in Rajasthan. However, both BJP and Congress are highlighting the factors in their favour.

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