Not only the world’s largest sports festival Olympics or the world’s highest-paid cricket league IPL has become a victim of the corona, but also all other districts to international level sports events have been canceled or postponed in the past few weeks. The pandemic has caused a great disaster in the sports world. The games are directly related to the crowd.

The crowd here means the audience. All types of sports competitions, be it big or small, attract a large number of spectators and since the crowd has contributed a lot to the spreading of the corona, it was decided that there would be no games to prevent the spread. The sponsoring companies and players of the games also don’t want to conduct contests without the audience.

Even the audience doesn’t want to be a part of any such crowd where there is a possibility of becoming a victim of the corona epidemic. Now the question here arises what difference does cancellation or postponement of sports events due to corona makes? Olympics is considered to be the most prestigious competition in the world of sports.

The players selected to represent their nation in these games, start preparing for it at least four years in advance. After the postponement of these games for a year, some players have got time and most of them are disappointed.

Barring a few exceptions, most players remain in the prime of their performance only for a few years. In such a situation, a year of moving ahead of the competition has a direct impact on their performance because all players have their own physical limitations which put their performances on prime of their career for a very short period.

When I spoke to a former Olympian about this step of postponement of the Olympics, he welcomed the decision. He said that it is good that Indian players are getting extra time, but when asked if getting a year’s extra time guarantees the player a medal? he responded by saying that only a few players will be able to take advantage of this extra time.

There is one more thing that the selection of the players for the upcoming Olympics has already been confirmed, whereas the games will take place next year. These players were selected to represent their nation in Olympics this year on the basis of their performance in different international tournaments last year, but now they will participate in the Olympics next year.

In such a situation, what would happen to the players who will do well in the competition to be held earlier in the Olympics next year, because the selection of the players has already been done for next year’s Olympics? If we talk about IPL, except for some players in this competition, most of the players, especially young players, are selected on the basis of their performance in the domestic cricket tournaments.

The players who were selected for IPL, which was scheduled to be held in April-May this year, will be at a great loss if they do not perform well again in domestic tournaments this year, because the players for postponed IPL will be selected on the basis of their performance in the domestic competitions of the session 2020-2021.

Whether it is Olympic, IPL, Wimbledon, or the British Premier League, the postponement of all the small and major sports events also have an impact on the players’ earnings.

They are paid only when the competitions are organized and they play in the competitions. Thousands of people are directly and indirectly connected to sports events. Cancellation or postponement of competition means a crisis in their employment.

This group includes owners of the team to the canteen staff at the stadium. It also has a direct impact on the country’s economy because sports events are now no more just sports events, they have become a commercial activity. Millions of sports lovers, who revitalized the playing field with their presence, are currently imprisoned in their homes. Stadiums are empty, swimming pools are dry and tracks are waiting for runners. There is silence everywhere in sports campuses. The organizers are waiting for the audience. Why not? After all, the audience spends money and contributes to the livelihood of thousands of people. But the only purpose of the audience is to entertain themselves and increase the morale of their favorite team.

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