Eastern A’bad ind units to restart ops

Ahmedabad: Factories and industrial units in the eastern part of the city can resume operations, according to a clarification issued on Wednesday by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC).

Officer on special duty Rajiv Gupta said units in containment zones will not be permitted to function. On Tuesday, First India had reported that businesses in the eastern part of the city would be allowed to open as long they were not in containment zones.

But, AMC officials had shut down a few units, causing confusion. The new notification reads: “All industrial activities have been permitted to resume in the eastern part of the city, except those in containment zones.”

Unlike in the western part, however, shops and businesses excluding vegetable and fruit vendors, pharmacies, and medical clinics have not been allowed to reopen in the eastern part of the city.

“This is discrimination for the people living in the eastern part of the city.

Why is there a restriction for other shops and offices to operate unlike the western part?

The rules should be limited to only containment zones and not the entire pocket,” said Dinesh Sharma, leader of the opposition, AMC.

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