‘Efforts put in so far will be wasted,’ say medics

Rajkot: The state government’s announcement of relaxations in the lockdown brought relief to the general public but, the news has not gone down well with medical officials in the state government.

They say, “The efforts put in so far by medical teams across the state will go down the drain.” Speaking to First India, a few top medical officials with the state government believes that, “the situation will be extremely difficult to tackle now.

There will be a rise in positive cases and the most crucial part of combating COVID-19- contact tracingwill become an impossible challenge.” Moreover, district health departments were not provided with any guidelines after the announcement of the relaxation until Wednesday.

“There are no clear guidelines from the state government. Monitoring will become a major issue due to inter-district movements.

Now, a positive case will only come to light if people approach us. The worst-affected places will be cities and nagarpalikas, while villages and closed societies will still be safe because of recognizable outsiders,” said a top-level medical officer.

He added, “Then again, there are people who travel to another city or town for work and leave when they are done for the day. Things like these will also make it difficult to keep surveillance.

With the situation reversed, we will come to know about cases only if people approach us. There are chances that some cases never reach the system.”

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