Train passengers appealed to follow regulations, ticket price hike by 20-30%

Jaipur: After a halt of 50 days, 30 special passenger trains started operating in the country from Tuesday. Out of these, 2 trains passed through Jaipur. The first train left Ahmedabad at 6:20 pm and will reach Jaipur Junction at 3:20 am.

After that, the train will leave for New Delhi after a 10-minute halt. The second train for Jaipur left New Delhi at 8:25 pm, which will reach Jaipur Junction at 12:50 am and will leave for Ahmedabad at 1 pm after a 10-minute halt.

The railway administration has appealed the passengers to maintain social distancing, use face masks and reach the station only when they have a confirmed ticket. Passengers can book tickets before 7 days of train departure from the IRCTC website.

Railways have imposed a 50% cancellation charge on these tickets. At the same time, food booking facility, along with blankets and bedsheets, are also not being provided.

The railway administration is charging higher fare up to 20-30% in these trains as compared to the regular days. A fare of Rs 1145 is being taken from Jaipur to Ahmedabad in the third AC, Rs 1595 in the Second AC and Rs 2675 in the First AC.

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